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31 May & 1 June 2024
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Martin Aitken & Co Ltd

You can find Martin Aitken & Co Ltd on stand a15

Established in 1897, Martin Aitken & Co Ltd’s commitment to Scottish commerce has been unwavering. Over its 125-year history, the company has consistently aided businesses, charities, social enterprises and individuals in accounting, compliance, and strategic financial planning. Operating from Glasgow, its comprehensive services encompass audit, accounting, tax, business advisory, corporate finance, and financial services through Martin Aitken Financial Services Ltd.

The firm’s growth and market position result from both organic expansion and strategic mergers, solidifying its standing as one of Scotland’s largest independent medium-sized firms. A distinctive feature is its Nasdal registered dental team, providing specialised assistance to dental professionals in planning, complying with statutory obligations, and enhancing their financial and business performance.

While offering traditional compliance services, such as annual accounts and tax returns, Martin Aitken & Co excel in providing advisory solutions. For dental practitioners, it offers:

  • Customised solutions for new dentists: Tailored accountancy and finance solutions for newly qualified dentists entering independent practice or taking on an associate position.
  • Freelance dental care professionals: Guidance on self-employment registration with HM Revenue & Customs, ensuring legal compliance with record-keeping obligations.
  • Practice finance: Assistance in securing financing for joining a practice, establishing a new one, or acquiring an existing practice. This includes due diligence, annual accounts preparation, payroll management, and compliance fulfilment.
  • Tax planning: Implementation of approved tax planning strategies to minimise future tax exposure.
  • Succession planning: Comprehensive planning for both entry and exit from a dental practice.
  • Financial systems: Sourcing and advising on specialised accounts packages to streamline financial management.
  • Superannuation certificates: Assistance in managing superannuation certificates.
  • Personal financial management: Guidance on personal finances, optimising savings, ensuring sufficient pension provisions and legacy planning.

For new Dental Associates or those working independently, it offers key financial tips at its stand including:

  • Timely self-employment registration with HMRC
  • Paying taxes directly to HMRC, saving around 30% of income for taxes,
  • Advice and assistance for tax returns
  • Managing business finances with a separate account.

Martin Aitken & Co will also be offering an exclusive discount for VTs at stand A15.

Its commitment extends beyond compliance, emphasising a partnership with clients to comprehend financial figures, reduce tax liabilities, and achieve enduring financial success.

Martin Aitken & Co is flexible, approachable business and financial advisors and will treat your practice as its own.

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Address: Caledonia House, 89 Seaward Street, Glasgow G41 1HJ

Tel: 0141 272 0000

Email: Martin Aitken & Co Ltd

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