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British Association of Dental Nurses

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BADN is the professional association for dental nurses in the UK. Founded in 1940 by dentist Philip Grundy and his dental nurse Madeleine Winter, it has supported dental nurses for more than 80 years. Originally called the British Dental Nurses’ and Assistants’ Society, it later became the Association of British Dental Surgery Assistants and, in 1994, the British Association of Dental Nurses, following the Association’s decision to re-adopt the title ‘dental nurse’.

In 1943, the Association founded the British Dental Nurses’ and Assistants’ Examining Board and held the first dental nursing examination. The Examining Board changed its name in 1988 to the National Examining Board for DSAs (NEBDSA) and then again in 1994 to the National Examining Board for Dental Nurses (NEBDN), following the Association’s change of name. It became a completely separate entity in the late 1980s.

The Association is run by an Executive Committee, currently composed of the Honorary President, Chairman, President-elect, Treasurer and Education Representative, all of whom are Registered Dental Nurses nominated and elected by the members using an independently scrutinised ballot when necessary, for a fixed term of office. Executive Committee members serve a specific term of office and the number of times they can hold that office are limited.

The Executive Committee is supported by the Panel of Representatives, again all Registered Dental Nurses. All Committee members give their time and expertise to support dental nurses and receive no financial remuneration. BADN is about teamwork – the Executive Committee, Panel of Representatives and staff work together to support and promote dental nurses and the dental nursing profession. The Executive Committee is also guided by the AGM or, in other words, the members themselves. 

BADN offers a variety of benefits to its members:

  • Legal Helpline, offering free initial legal advice.
  • Health & Wellness Hub, offering a 24-7 support, counselling helpline and app from Health Assured, as well as articles, support and information on mental health, wellbeing, financial health, mindfulness, stress management, fitness, etc.
  • BADN Rewards has a wide range of special offers and discounts on travel, holidays, flights, hotels, VIP lounges, airport parking, entertainment, cinema, family days out, house, car, life and travel insurance, energy providers, white goods, cars, computers, shopping, lifestyle, and more. 
  • Special member rate indemnity cover (medical malpractice plus legal expenses) from CFC Underwriting, via Trafalgar Risk Management.
  • Information, advice and support from BADN staff and the Executive Committee.
  • The quarterly, digital ‘British Dental Nurses’ Journal’ with up to eight hours of CPD. 

Full membership (open to Registered Dental Nurses) costs £45pa, or £39 for part-time workers, (from 1 April 2024). Student Associate Membership costs £10pa. Associate Membership (open to non-registrant practice managers and receptionists) costs £30pa. Membership fees are tax-deductible.

BADN is offering a £5 discount to anyone who joins at the Scottish Dental Show! In addition, anyone who joins through our ‘Refer A Colleague scheme’ will get a £5 credit to their BADN account, as will their referring colleague.

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Email: British Association of Dental Nurses

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