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31 May & 1 June 2024
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Dental Nurses Community

You can find Dental Nurses Community on stand c11

Dental nurses are a vital part of the dental team with a wide scope of responsibilities, including cross-infection control, patient and staff safety, dental procedures and the patient journey. However, the job comes with many challenges, insecurities and fears – which is where the Dental Nurses Community Union comes in.

The Dental Nurses Community (DNC) fights to protect members working in dental practices in the UK and Ireland. It supports members dealing with a number of issues, such as workplace bullying, pay and wages, contracts, holidays, sickness and much more.

Join the DNC union and fight for better pay, conditions, protection and recognition of the work.

Joining the community union for dental nurses starts from as little as £6.13 per month with many extra benefits included, find out and join at this year’s Scottish Dental Show on their stand in the welcome area.

Dental nurse and DNC member Celie Brookes said: “Dental nurses have been facing significant issues for years. There is often a lack of respect, recognition and reward for the vital role they play in the dental team. This is compounded by the immense pressure the sector has been placed under. It’s impossible not to see these challenges laid bare when people are pulling their teeth out with pliers because they cannot get registered with an NHS dentist. We formed the Dental Nurse Community (DNC) because there is a real feeling in the profession that dental nurses just have not had a strong enough voice from the floor fighting for them.

“We have made fantastic strides so far working with the Community Union representing the dental sector. We need more support for our members. This is what the Community offers to dental nurses. I encourage all dental nurses who want a better future for our profession to join the Community.”

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Address: 183 St Vincent Street, Glasgow G2 5QD

Tel: 07849 870991

Email: Dental Nurses Community

For more information visit the Dental Nurses Community website.

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