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31 May & 1 June 2024
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IDS SPA BlancOne

You can find IDS SPA BlancOne on stand d02

BlancOne uses real photochemical technology to speed up reactions. 

Its whitening gel uses the same concentration as the take-home system (Carbamide Peroxide 16%) with its unique photo booster.

The booster is a mix of special photosensitisers able to capture photons to reach an excited state, which activates the chemical reaction not attainable with a standard system. 

The BlancOne system develops a large amount of single oxygen a non-radical type of active oxygen which is safe and effective in oxidising pigments. 

Starting from a single 10-minute application without the need for gum protection, you can deliver an amazing improvement of 4-5 shades in combination with dental hygiene. 

So, if you offer GBT EMS to your patients you can add great value for a small price and a short amount of time improving their attitude to regular hygiene sessions.

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Address: IDS S.p.A, Via S. Cristoforo 28/10, 17100 Savona (SV), Italy

Tel: 07761 621595

Email: IDS SPA BlancOne

For more information visit the IDS SPA BlancOne website.

Follow IDS SPA BlancOne on Instagram.

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