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31 May & 1 June 2024
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Established in 1902, MDDUS is an independent not-for-profit mutual defence organisation offering expert advice, assistance and indemnity cover to doctors, dentists and other healthcare professionals across the UK.

Founded by and for healthcare professionals, our mission is to protect and support healthcare professionals and organisations through our advisory, legal, practice management and risk education services.

With an expert in-house staff of doctors, dentists, lawyers and risk advisers who are leaders in the medico-legal and dento-legal fields, we offer access to our professionally trained advisers 24/7 and legal support and indemnity against claims of negligence.

Our specialist advisers understand the challenges faced by healthcare professionals and can help members avoid risk and respond efficiently and sensitively to any professional difficulties that arise.

Built on the mutual ethos of MDDUS; MDDUS Solutions does the same for healthcare businesses, offering a choice of insurance to complement the discretionary indemnity, advice and support that we have always offered our members. We aim to offer bespoke solutions that will make it easier and more affordable to manage multiple indemnity policies while ensuring that you, your colleagues and your business are protected against malpractice and vicarious liability claims.

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Address: 206 St Vincent Street, Glasgow G2 5SG

Tel: 0141 220 2990

Email: MDDUS

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