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With more than 1,000 articles in PubMed and a huge following of dentists undertaking a minimal intervention strategy to save teeth, Biodentine™ is popular throughout the world. Its bioactive properties mean that it infiltrates the dentinal tubules and helps to heal the tooth and stop the pain. With an 85% success rate in reversing ‘irreversible’ pulpitis and being a fantastic bulk filler, Biodentine™ can be used wherever dentine is damaged with amazing success. Now Septodont is delighted to introduce you to Biodentine™ XP, which has all the amazing benefits of Biodentine™ in an easy-to-use two-size capsule and delivery system.

Your Septodont product specialist is happy to help you find out how advantageous Biodentine™ XP can be to your patients and your Practice. With clinical articles, case studies and practitioner testimonials, you will realise that Biodentine™ should be used in everyday dental treatments, every day.
As well as being a world leader in latex-free dental local anaesthetics and superior quality needles, Septodont’s Ultra Safety Plus Twist, a needle-stick injury prevention device, complies with the law on sharps in dentistry and keeps staff safe from possible infections as a result of a needle-stick injury.
Take a look at Septodont’s RTR+ and RTR+ Membrane, which are the new essentials for bone grafts. Combine all these innovative products with Septodont’s range of high-quality accessories for finishing and polishing and you will see that Septodont has a range of products for every dental practitioner. If you would like to find out more about any of Septodont’s products, please visit our product specialists on the Septodont stand.

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