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Taylor Defence Services Ltd

You can find Taylor Defence Services Ltd on stand a01


TDS introduces professional liability insurance to dentists and dental care professionals in Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Taylor Defence Services Limited (TDS), was founded in 2012 by Neil Taylor and commenced introducing dental indemnity to dentists in Scotland and Northern Ireland. TDS has experienced huge success in Scotland and Northern Ireland with an excellent reputation for defending our clients’ interests.

The main purpose of TDS is to help defend dental colleagues. TDS is not a mutual organisation or a discretionary service provider. You will not be referred to memorandum and articles of association. TDS firmly believe the way forward is legally binding contracts between dentists and insurers. This is also the Government’s preferred option.

TDS offers contracted services which are delivered by employed dental and claims advisers. TDS employs a large team of qualified dentists. Neil Taylor has years of experience within the field of dental negligence. All advisers are fully trained by Neil Taylor.

TDS considers that engaging with trained negotiators and defenders is the way forward, affording you peace of mind that you’re being looked after by experienced and knowledgeable advisers.

TDS introduces a unique proposition to the dental indemnity sector. It is our goal to educate the whole Profession why it is important to have past, present and future cover. It is understood that you as an individual practitioner value your personal assets and your registration with the GDC. TDS equally understands and values your registration.

TDS introduces policies of insurance for general dental practitioners, dental care professionals, and corporate entities to ensure you and your business are appropriately indemnified. The service that you receive is very important to TDS. No issue is too trivial. The assistance level you will receive is second to none.

*A unique introduced dental indemnity policy on a loss occurring basis with inbuilt endorsed contingent past cover as a prior acts clause, as standard.

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Address: 1 Buchanan Gate, Stepps, G33 6FB

Tel: 0141 772 0178

Email: Taylor Defence Services Ltd

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